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A professional service helping to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, alleviating stress and improve overall harmony of the body through massage so you can live a happier,healthier and more productive life.

Mary Terborg

About Mary

For as far back as I can remember, I was sometimes asked for a massage by my family. This consisted of the oldest generation which was my great grandmother right down the line to my parents.

This version of massage of course was far from being professional, as it mostly consisted of me walking up and down their backs and finding the challenge of not falling off far more exciting than the massage itself.

As I grew and their bodies became more fragile things had to change. During this time, I found it a chore and I did not enjoy it.
What I knew, was that I did enjoy that they felt better. This eventually lead me on a path to study and complete my physiotherapy degree

My love for massage was sparked when I trained and worked in a spa during a summer job. I not only enjoyed being a part of the solution to my clients but I fell in love with the process the body went through under my hands

My Services

Professional massage service brought to your home or office.
For you and/or your loved ones and employees.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes which stimulates the skin,soothes the nerves and increases blood circulation to the muscle. It reduces both physical and emotional stress. It involves techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, vibration etc.

Deep Tussue Massage

This massage uses slower strokes to be able to apply firm pressure. It aims to target deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue surrounding the muscles. It’s used for chronic aches, to break up scar tissue,address abnormal muscle tone and reduce stiffness.
At the start of the massage lighter pressure is applied to warm up and prepare the muscles. Pressure is increased progressively as the massage continues to target deeper structures.

Trigger Point Massage

Injury, stress and other factors can result in trigger points which are tight bands of muscle fibres that can be felt as “knots” along the muscle. Trigger points not only feel painful when pressure is applied but can also cause prolonged pain over a longer period of time.
These points can refer pain a distance away from them, for example some headaches can result from trigger points from the neck or shoulder which refer pain to the head. Trigger Point massage can help to address these tight bands of muscle fibres by deactivating the point(s) to provide relief from pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

This is a Swedish massage that uses fragrant therapeutic essential oils to help increase relaxation, reduce anxiety, ease depression, boosting energy levels and helps to promote sleep. It leaves you feeling refreshed and pampered.

Warm Oil Massage

This is a classic massage using warm oil. It takes relaxation to the next level combining massage with the properties of heat to warm the skin, increase circulation and ease muscle tension. The heat helps to sooth chronic aches and pain leaving you feeling relaxed and cared for.


Price List

  • Full body relax massage - €50,-
  • Full body strong massage - €55,-
  • Back and Neck massage - €30,-
  • Back and Legs - €35,-
  • Legs and Feet - €20,-

of Massage
  • Full body Relax - 1 hour
  • Full body strong - 1 hour
  • Back and Neck - 30 minutes
  • Back and Legs - 40 minutes
  • Legs and Feet - 20 minutes

  • Full body relax massage - €40,-
  • Full body strong massage - €45,-
  • Back and Neck massage - €20,-
  • Back and Legs - €25,-
  • Legs and Feet - €15,-

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